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Product Line Card

The leading manufacturer of Chopper Pumps for over 50 years. Vaughan Chopper Pumps are available in various configurations including: Vertical Wet Well, Submersible, Horizontal, Self-Priming, and Pedestal Pumps and Rotamix Digester Mixing Systems
ANSI Standard Pumps in Ductile Iron and Alloy Construction Heavy Duty Centrifugal Pumps
Roto-Jet High Pressure Single Stage Pitot-Tube Pumps
WSP Self-Priming Solids-Handling Pumps. Available 2in to 10in.
Recessed Impeller and Non-Clog Pumps
Screw Impeller Solids Handling Pumps
Barnes, Burkes, Crown, Deming, Prosser, and Weinman Pumps
Metallic and Non-Metallic Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps Air Operated Piston Pumps
Vertical and Horizontal NEMA frame motors including ODP, TEFC, Inverter Duty, Hostile Duty, Explosion Proof, and Corro-Duty
Engine & Electric Driven Trash Pumps, Centrifugal, Self-Priming, Submersible, Sewage, Coolant, Gear, and Fire Fighting Pumps
Chemical Metering Pumps in Metal and Plastic
Submersible Pumps for Wastewater, Dewatering, Mining,
Industrial, and Construction Markets
High Pressure Piston and Plunger Pumps
High Pressure Positive Displacement Diaphragm Pumps
Electric Motors and Drives